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Please contact our office for CEUs for multiple states. Be sure to check for online approval for your state before ordering.

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Please Note:

  1. Not all the states that have approved our CEU courses for a classroom setting have approved them for online distribution.  Be sure to select the online course approved for your state on the Digital Chalk website.  We are in the process of submitting applications to every state that will accept CEUs online.  NOT ALL STATES WILL ACCEPT ONLINE TRAINING FOR CEUs.
  2. If you need CEUs for more than one state, we charge the online price of the state that has the highest registration fee.  In addition, there is a $10 fee per state for each additional CEU certificate.  Please contact our office for multiple certificates, since each state has unique requirements and fees, and course costs may vary.
  3. **Nebraska requires their online courses to be proctored.  We have been approved by Nebraska for online distribution of our CEU courses, however, the link to the proctoring service that we will be using is still in development.  We will let you know on our website when this is completed.  This proctoring service will require a high speed internet connection and computer camera.  Most laptops and Macs have built in cameras, but you may need to purchase a computer camera. The typical cost of a good quality computer camera is about $30.  We would recommend a Logitech HD camera.


Attention Colorado Licensees: All classes currently available, including online classes for Wiring Methods and Electrical Theory based on the 2014 NEC, can still be used for CEU’s for license renewal, even after July 1, 2017 under the new Colorado CEU regulations. However, even though classes are based on the 2017 NEC, they will not count towards CEU requirements for 2020 until Colorado establishes an approved vendor list, which the State hopes to have in place before the end of this renewal cycle in September.