When did you attend the seminar? (If more than once, select the most recent)

How many times have you taken this workshop...

For this license?







1. The instructor's ability to convey the material in an easy-to-understand manner

2. The instructor's knowledge about the subject

3. Considering the content of the session, the effectiveness of the method of instruction

4. Considering the amount of material covered, the time allotted for the class

5. My opportunites to ask questions or seek clarification

6. PowerPoint presentation

7. The workbook provided with the class

8. The value of the class for practical application on the job

9. The cost of the workshop

10. Recommendation of this class to others

How long after taking the class did you take your test?

Did you pass?

What topics in the class helped you on the test the most?

What topics in the class do you wish had been clarified further? Were there any topics that were on the test but were not covered in the class?

What suggestions do you have to improve the quality of the class?

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