Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  “What makes Bobo Technology’s workshops more effective than other test prep courses?”
A:  There are two major distinctions:

  1. Larry teaches the material, instead of just giving you questions and answers for you to review on your own. The workshops are held in a casual classroom setting, allowing for questions and answers, and the material is presented in a way that is easy to follow and understand.
  2. Each student receives, and keeps, the 362-page workbook, which Larry wrote for this course. The workbook contains approximately 80 hours of home study material, 900 Code questions and answers and 600 practice calculation questions and answers.
Q: “How long should I wait, after taking the workshop, to take my exam?”
A:  The workshop is 16 hours of concentrated study of the National Electrical Code and related calculations.  Included in your workbook, are about 80 hours of home study material, with questions and answers.   Every student has unique needs, depending on their prior electrical training as well as the difficulty of the exam they are preparing for.  Larry recommends that students wait at least a week before testing, longer if possible.  The workbook is divided into subject matter, easily allowing you to pinpoint your weak areas and concentrate your studies.  The more time you allow, the more comfortable you will become with the material
Q:  “What is the difference between the Master Electrician and the Journeyman exams?”
A:   The Journeyman and Master exam can have a lot of the same questions, however, the Master Electrician exam will generally have a higher percentage of calculation questions as opposed to Code questions.  Calculation questions are more time consuming and can eat up the clock.
Q:   “Does this exam prep course provide adequate training for exams in other states?”
A:  The course instruction, as well as the workbook, is a comprehensive study of the National Electrical Code and related electrical calculations.  Colorado’s electrical exams are some of the more difficult in the nation.  Preparation for these exams will ensure that you are qualified for less difficult exams.  However, you should research the particular state you are preparing for, to make sure there are not practical, legal, or local requirements that you may be tested on beyond the scope of the NEC that the Colorado exams are limited to.
Q:  “Do you cover 2014 NEC changes in the workshop and can this course be used as a Code update class?”
A:  Absolutely.  Many students, who have taken the course to prepare them for an exam, return every Code change.  Changes in the 2014 NEC that impact field installations are included in the workbook, as well as being covered as part of the test prep material.
Q:  “Are there any prerequisites for attending the workshop?”
There are no prerequisites; we start with the basics and take you step by step through complex service calculations.  A great course for the beginner or experienced electrician.
Q:  “How does your Guarantee Pass policy work?”
A:  You can retake the class, at no additional fee, until you obtain the license you are attending for.  We do not require that you fail before retaking the class; you can attend class, take a month or two to study, then sit through before you test, this is a great way to prepare.  Our objective is to prepare you for your exam, and provided the tools needed, so you can pass on your first attempt.
Q:  “Why is there a price difference for Exam Prep students and CEU students?”
A:  Our curriculum is approved for Continuing Education hours in many states; students that are attending for CEUs do not receive a workbook, cannot attend more than once, and may be attending just one 8-hour day.